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How to Make an LED Light for Under Your Truck
LED lights from China / 2013-01-14
Trucks can take you places and haul material a normal car cannot. For these reasons, people often like to customize their trucks. One way to do so involves adding light-emitting diode (LED) lights under the truck. These lights come in all sorts of shapes and colors. To install these lights, you must connect them to the truck's battery so they receive power. Other People Are Reading How to Hook Up LED Lights How to Install Roof Truck Lights Things You'll Need LED light kit Screwdriver Drill Show More Instructions 1

Place the truck in "Park," and turn off the engine.


Open the truck's hood, and unplug the negative wire connected to the battery.


Place the LED lights in the position where you want them. Keep them away from extreme heat or moving pieces. Connect the LED bracket using the pieces that came with your LED light kit. (You may need a screwdriver to perform this option.) Snap the LED lights into the bracket.


Connect the LED light's positive and negative wires into their respective terminals on the bracket.


Place the LED power switch inside the truck.


Run the LED light's positive wire to the positive battery wire connected to the battery. Wrap the LED's positive wire around the positive battery wire to secure it into place.


Run the negative wire from the terminal to the switch inside the truck. If you cannot find any holes you can go through (some trucks have holes in the floorboard under the carpet), you must use a drill to make a hole through which you can run the wire.


Reconnect the negative battery wire.

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