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12 Volt Bulb Types for Flashlights
LED lights from China / 2013-01-14
Flashlights are used for camping trips, while out walking at night and during power outages. The security a flashlight provides is completely dependent upon the integrity of the bulb. With various types of 12-volt flashlight bulbs available, knowing information about them is essential before placing one of the bulbs in a flashlight. Other People Are Reading How to Get the Bulb Out of an Ozark Trail 6-Volt Flashlight How to Get the Light Bulb Out of Flashlights Standard Incandescent

The standard incandescent light bulb contains a filament and a coil of tungsten. The filament receives enough electricity to heat the metal coil until it emits light. The bulb fastens into a metal holding piece so the glass bulb and vacuum within it are not disturbed. If the flashlight hits the ground, the bulb may break or the filament may break away from the housing. Incandescent bulbs in general are very fragile and don't last a long time.

Gas-Filled Incandescent

A gas-filled incandescent bulb differs from the standard incandescent only by harboring a gas inside the vacuum. Halogen-filled bulbs may last longer than most incandescent bulbs, yet they use more electricity. Krypton-filled bulbs, which enhance the amount of light emitted, are perhaps the most widely used forms of flashlight bulbs. Xenon bulbs shine bright white due to the chemical properties of xenon.


Light emitting diode (LED) is a type of light bulb that glows based on the motion of electrons. The material used inside the bulb, such as aluminum, zinc or silicon, determines the LED bulb color. LED lights are used in flashlights because they do not blow out when dropped, unlike the filament of an incandescent bulb. LEDs also are generally less likely than an incandescent bulb to overheat, and they typically have a long, reliable lifespan.

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